One Step Further (Introduction 2)

Author : Sophie Maya

Title     : One Step Further

Cast     : Song Jihyo, Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae

Support Cast: another Super Junior member ++

Genre  : complicated romance, lil bit humor I think…

Rated  : PG-19

Length: chaptered

Type    : ?

Summary         : Hopefully I can take one step further from you, day by day.



Disclaimer       : this story is MINE.

Warning          : do you hate the CAST? DONT READ, its simple. And one more, NO BASHING oke? Its just for fun! Oh right, one more again I HATE SILENT READERS, so comment this story right? ^^




Mr. Lee’s Talk

Interviewer: Before we start the interview, I want to tell you, there’s several questions you should answer. The answer is purely based on your mind, I appreciate if you can show us the real Mr.Lee. Because believe me, everybody want to know more about the handsome and kind Mr. Lee is…

Mr.Lee: Hey… have we sleep together before?

Interviewer: No!! Why you say that?!

Mr.Lee: because you kind like… flirt… with me?

Interviewer: Ha-ha-ha. IN YOUR DREAM, CASSANOVA!



Interviewer: Oke, let’s begin! What do you think about Ms.Song?

Mr. Lee: the androgyny queen; sometimes became queen, yet in other time become king.

Interviewer: So, Is she a tomboy?

Mr. Lee: No. She’s more likely… free soul. She know when to act harsh, when to act kind. She do what she wanna do, and never care about people’s opinion. Actually, she’s the leader of our fellow.

Interviewer: Your fellow?

Mr. Lee: I mean gank. Here’s I have the photo. Look, there’s three guys and three girls in this photo. This is me, Miss Song, and the rest is our other best friend. The six of us become friends when we were in Junior High School. Let me introduce them; this one is the tough guy, this one is the absurd guy, and this… she’s lovely girl, and beside her is the most cute girl I ever seen in my life. Then last, this is… me and Miss Song, the amazing duet.

Interviewer: Wow, your friendship seems wonderful.

Mr.Lee: Err… yes, we are.

Interviewer: Hey, you seems doubt…

Mr. Lee: Mm… listen, I actually feel insecured since yesterday.

Interviewer: Is it because Ms.Song’s Pregnancy? I heard you call L Company?

Mr. Lee: Oh yeah! Of course! They do serious mistake! And because of that, my live has been torn into pieces! And I had big fight with the woman whom I respect the most after my Mom! You know… since yesterday… I tried call and call and call Ms. Song, but she never pick the phone… I must talk to her but… it’s like she didn’t want to hear my voice.

Interviewer: If Ms. Song pick the phone, what you want to say to her?

Mr. Lee: Umm… I… don’t know…

Interviewer: Mr. Lee, I heard you’re such a genius with really good future. Some people told me that you’re so gentleman, kind, and so romantic. About the pregnancy, did you think, that actually you feel sorry for Ms. Song? May be you wanna… mm…

Mr. Lee: Stop! I know where the conversation lead to. All your speculation is wrong! I’m not that gentleman, kind, or romantic. I’m far from that. And all I know is, I just want to be have fun and have a good live. But…

Interviewer: But?

Mr. Lee: Hhh… as I said before, i really really really respect Miss Song. From the bottom of my heart. I really respect all her action. I’ll accept everything that she may offers to me, as long as she’s not, ever, turn her back to me, I WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR HER. I can’t live peacefully without her presence.

Interviewer: Wow… that’s so beautiful… so, you will married her? If she ask to?

Mr. Lee: …. mmm…. I….







Ms. Song’s Talk

Interviewer: Before we start the interview, I want to tell you, there’s several questions you should answer. The answer is purely based on your mind, don’t try to be innocent or build the good representation of yourself. Because believe me, everybody already know how devil and bitch you’re.

Ms. Song: Hey, have I stole your boyfriend before?

Interviewer: No… why you say that?

Ms. Song: Because you seems hate me. And usually, the girls whom their boyfriend has stolen by me, always says I’m a bitch.

Interviewer: -_-



Interviewer: Oke, let’s begin! What do you think about Mr.Lee?

Ms. Song: the childish one; the one who will have child but still act like a child.

Interviewer: The childish one? Then, did you met him at kindergarten? Hahaha.

Ms. Song: I hope so! Hahaha. He’s like 5 years child live in 31 years man’s body. But, sadly, I wasn’t met him in kindergarten, but we met when I was first grade in Junior High School; back then, we were best friend. Oh, and now too. We’re still best friend.

Interviewer: So it’s look like you run and fall into friendship’s karma? You know about that, right? If boy and girl being friend, they tend to falling in love then broke the friendship?

Ms. Song: No! We don’t have that rule and we don’t care that karma! Actually, I have four other friends beside Mr. Lee. The six of us makes a good peer and we really don’t care about such rules. Two of my best friend, Yesung and Sophie, they are engaged and we probably okay with that. So what if you’re in love with your best friend? That’s not change the term at all.

Interviewer: Then, you wanna say… it’s okay to falling in love with Mr. Lee?

Ms. Song: What? Hold on! I’m not falling in love with him!

Interviewer: What do you mean? You two making love… BUT NOT FALLING IN LOVE!?

Ms. Song: There’s a little misunderstanding here, Miss Interviewer! First at all, i’m not falling in love with him. Second, that’s impossible if I love him. Third, I’m a woman with rational brain and the celebrum in my brain yelled me: ‘don’t ever falling in love with him!’. See? I have many reasons for not loving him.”

Interviewer: Like what?

Ms. Song: Like… you know, he’s hot, damn hot, really hot… but I don’t wanna my child have father like him. Just you know, he so much freaked out when I’m telling about the pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine if he sees the real ‘thing’ growing up on my stomach then pop up nine month later! I bet he will pass out.”

Interviewer: But, I think he’s perfect guy.

Ms. Song: yeah, he’s perfect AS A GUY, not as a father. He’s so genius, rich, have strong vision, but no no no… he’s just not right for being father.

Interviewer: Oh, I’m confuse with this. Hftt… so, what do you wanna do now?

Ms. Song: I don’t know. Actually I have plan to tell all my best friends about the pregnancy. But, I won’t tell them whose the father. I think, I can handle the baby by myself.

Interviewer: That’s ridiculous, Ms. Song!

Ms. Song: No, it’s not! It’s more ridiculous, if I ‘give the wrong father’ for my baby!

Interviewer: Ha-ha-ha, so, if Mr.Lee is ‘the wrong father’, who do you think ‘the right father’ is?

Ms. Song: 🙂







to be continued


bakal dilanjut kalo ada 25 komen lebih

thx ^^



19 thoughts on “One Step Further (Introduction 2)

  1. Euuu.. karena bahasa inggrish dan gak semua kosa katanya tau, jadi cuman tau sekilas doang :’v intinyaa aja. Jadi, Jihyo gak mau ngakauin bapak dari anaknya? :’v terus kalo gak jatuh cinta.. kenapa bisa hamil anak dongek? :3

  2. Annyeong sophie…. aq sukakk… ff ini keren… ditunggu lanjutannya ya… hehe
    kalo aq sieh t’serah mr lee nya mau siapa aja… yang penting aq maunya akhirnya jihyo ama donghae*waduwh belom main dah maen req aja… (>__<) akut

  3. Annyeong sophie…. aq sukakk… ff ini keren… ditunggu lanjutannya ya… hehe
    kalo aq sieh t’serah mr lee nya mau siapa aja… yang penting aq maunya akhirnya jihyo ama donghae*waduwh belom main dah maen req aja… (>__<)

  4. Mr. Lee??? Aduh siapa sih tuh. Kok menjurus k hae hae sih. Aishh, bingung.

    6 anggota genknya y? Siapa z y??? #mikir dulu biar d sangka pintar -_- @@
    Lee, jihyo, Lee. Yesung & Sophie. Kyuhyun & ???? (Naomi kah?)
    1 pertanyaan, who’s the most cute girl that mr. Lee mean? #such a playboysh (playboy+childish)

  5. Yaaakk kak sophiee… Kenapa Full english sih… Dah jelas english aku setengeh ulat setengh belut… 😀 😀 Aku agak bingung ni.. Sebenarnya inti masalah nya apa??? Dan Mr. Lee siapa???? Le hyukjae??? Lee donghae??? Atau Lee sungmin *Nggak mungkin lah yaa 😀 😀

  6. ok first, what is this? why of the all in english? pusing kepala dedek bacany kak, hahaha.
    jd si cowo itu cakep, jenius plus kaya, hot pula, dimana merupakan idaman setiap wanita buat di jdikan pacar tp bukan suami, heh sudah pasti itu eunhyuk, hahaha..
    Pasti dong, klo donghae kn sllu d jdikan cowo oon sma kk sophie, ato jgn2 malah itu kyuhyun, siapa tahu salah tulis dri cho jd lee d situ hahaha ngarang banget.
    susah bgt menebak ini donghae apa eunhyuk karena gambaranny sbgian ada yg d satu sbgian ada yg d satu lagi. d tggu clue selanjutny kk soph.

  7. Weeeeeeh ngga first yeeei! #abaikan

    First time read your ff in english hahaha. It sounds so good. Anw, you make me feel sooooo curious ’bout mr.lee.. Is he LDH or LHJ? Their chara are really look alike… #confuse

    Well, i really wait for this ff and today i still have to WAIT AGAIN? Hahahah thanks, just thank you -___-

    Sesekali lah komen pake basa enggress wkwk :p

    Let me guess the members of the gank: sophie, jihyo, naomi, yesung, kyuhyun, mr.lee, well now i have no doubt about him, he’s the damn hot Hyukjae. Donghae,, he’s not a member of the absurd gank, n neither called ‘cassanova’.. Tell me i’m right :p

  8. ini radar aku nangkepnya mr Lee itu Donghae dari berbagai macam bukti yang sedang saya kumpulkan dimulai dari ‘He’s like 5 years child live in 31 years man’s body’ , dan juga cassanova yang genius sudah pasti merujuk pada Donghae (meski agak ragu dibagian genius)…
    tapi ini feel aku Donghae tuh yang making love(?) with miss song 😀
    bayangin gimana man in child ngurus calon bayi, rempongnya nggak ketulungan kali ya 😀

    Sophie nuna ditunggu kelanjutannya ASAP ^^

  9. I guess Mr. Lee in the interview is Lee Hyuk Jae!!! hahaha

    sahabat berenam? hmm eunhyuk, jihyo, yesung, sophie, kyuhyun (?) dan naomi (?) atau malah mia??
    jangan bilang kalo pria yg cocok menjadi ayah dimata jihyo itu yesung wkwkwk bisa perang dunia ketiga nanti kalo sophie sama jihyo rebutan cowok 😂

    tuh udah dikomen ya Mbak segera dilanjut next chapter yooo

      • Huuuurrrgghh.. bener aku gondok niiihh…
        Pertama, karena aku bukan yang pertama huhu.. padahal pas ada notif lsg anteng baca biar komen pertama ternyata bukaan.. tapi kek kata Shin Donghee: kalo kamu ga bisa jadi yang pertama, jd yang kedua pun juga sudah bagus (bukan dlm hal istri kedua looh.. aku penganut faham monogami)
        Kedua, iya aku gondok… gondok banget karena ternyata kamu bales (meskipun kek gini doang TT) tapi ga muncul di notif aku.. kezeeel kaaan?

        Nah, tar aku mo baca lagi aaah.. soale lg di kantor, kan bossnya sepertinya lg pms krn dr pagi udah uring-uringan gaje.. padahal aku juga lg galau.. aah.. saya kerja dulu (atau pura-pura sibuuk)

  10. Yeyeeyeyey…byka emai lngsung ada yg msuk pas mw lnjut bca angel call tak pending dlu wkwkwk….first reader y eon???hahahahyyy dpt ap nh???ngarep..heheheh..eon np jd pke bhsa inggris hyoo???kn aq mudeng2 dikit wkwkwk(ktahuan pabo.a)haha…nyampe part ini v blm tw yg jd pran utma cowo.a sp kn dua2a sma2 mr.Lee eonn…bikin gregett wehhh…oke ckp pnjng sy cuap2.a cukup skian n trimakasih(pidato x yehh)…

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